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Mr.Anurag Saxena

Mr. Anurag Saxena was born in 1960 at Agra and brought up in Kanpur. He got his Schooling in Methodist high school.Having work experience of 34 years, traveled widely to countries like U.S.A., England, Singapore, Dubai and in depth Africa to name a few, has written several articles and papers on Management.

Mr. Anurag Saxena is a strong leader and a team player help people to achieve their goals. Creator, Author and Effective orator and Motivational Speaker. Have successful love marriage. His wife is an English lecturer. Having no children is the supreme and most cogent motive to teach Success Principles to youth & adults. Experienced, dynamic, energetic personality and hard working. Result oriented, quality driven performance and self motivated. Passionate in his work. Expert on Attitude Teaching.

Always ready to go an extra mile in meeting expectations and offering solutions.Expert in Man management skills from industry and corporate companies. Absolutely Dream and goal oriented person. Mr. Anurag Saxena has many more laurels in his list of achievements, perfectly balancing the professional and personal life setting an example for todays youth.

He is written a book: THE ART OF EXCELLENCE and is also the founder of NGO by the same name. He has great vision in his eyes for the good of society and his successful personal life is a rare combination to find.

THE ART OF EXCELLENCE group instills basic principles of Self Management and importance of Soft Skills with the emphasis of each principle through live examples, case studies, group activities and many more. The NGO Art of Excellence also takes initiatives for the social causes either through personnel management, fund raising or idea management.

The idea to make this principle of Self Motivation to reach on large scale with as many people benefitting from it, made Mr.Anurag to charge very nominal fees for the membership of same. He has conducted more than 1600 workshops on the same. He gives sessions in I.I.T. Kanpur, Management and engineering colleges on the same concept.

By profession he was a General Manager of a five star hotel, and as a passion he is a Life skills trainer where he provides services to many leading organizations.
His business acumen ship is reflected from the fact that he encourages his team to venture into diversified fields of doing business like event management, social up lift ment, corporate training and taking an idea to a profitable venture like providing skills base doing business or assets management or fund management.

He, himself does combines business with social cause by training students who can afford to pay and to showcase talent in the student’s who can’t pay. His no profitable venture for the grass root section of society has benefitted so many students that when they achieve their targets set for career or life, they remain in support and in touch with each initiative taken by Mr.Anurag Saxena.

He is the person who makes, people believe that business in not only making profits or crunching figures, it is making the difference in lives of people through thought, decision, action, belief and execution management.

Enhancing soft skill to deal with people effectively and make a person believe in his thought process through proper training of mind. He loves reading books (has read 3000 books and biographies) playing billiards, scrabble and watching cricket. His inputs in Neurological Linguistic Programming and meditation are of tremendous help to any person.

He plans to visit Germany, Australia, Switzerland, and France, soon. As a manager, he would tend to have an open door policy - management by walking around. He takes a confident, balanced stand in dealing with stress and takes all commitments seriously; Organizational skills come naturally to him. He is perceptive, intuitive, and empathetic. He has a genuine interest in others. He deals with conflict co-operatively, striving for mutual understanding rather than a win-lose competitive situation.

His skill as a persuasive communicator is more linked to speech than to writing. He speaks confidently on Attitude, Behavior Communication Skills, Leadership, Motivation and Selling skills, Team Management and Goal setting, Problem Solving Skills, Importance of focus, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Inter Personal Skills and Stress management.

He recognizes the value of people, show concern. He Praises people to success and gives freedom to perform. He does take calculated risks and tolerates opposing views. He is a problem solver and creates a stress free workplace. He likes to discuss but not argue. He is open, honest, self disciplined, and polite. He has tremendous respect for speed and dependability. He plans and prioritizes, delegates jobs, and follow ups. He acts quickly on complaints, likes reports, and performance. He develops Leaders and not Managers.

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Contact | Art of Excellence ,The Voice of Voiceless